How to get potential clients to confidently say yes to your offers

When we discuss our offer with a potential client, they might seem interested every step of the way but right before it’s time to commit, they back out. Why is this? And what’s one thing we can do to help them feel confident about saying yes to our offers?


A way to package your services that increases value to your clients while reducing your working hours

Why was a glass case filled with three million dollars cash? And why were passersby dared to break that glass?

This was a publicity stunt set up by employees of the 3M corporation. They covered the glass with a special film that protected it from damage. Anyone who could break…

Crafting offers that compel customers to sign the dotted line

When you sell a service, benefits alone can feel a bit abstract. A client isn’t sure what they’re getting. But if you offer a clear result, they’ll get curious and ask you questions. You’ve just hooked a potential client. So how do we create results-driven offers that get attention?


The true barrier to learning new skills

How did a celebration lead to near-disaster on the Golden Gate Bridge?

In 1987 there was a celebration to honor the 50th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge. Thousands came from miles around to walk over the overpass on foot. The crowd swelled with barely an inch between each person…

But only if you keep the interest principle in mind

A prominent, online business guru sent an email recently criticizing long sales copy. She compared longer sales letters to listening to a speech. She wrote:

Whoever said, “I wish this person would take longer to get their point across.”

Her argument seemed like common sense. If you’re listening to a…

Rodney Daut

Discover the three marketing mistakes coaches and consultants make (and what they can do to jumpstart growth)

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